Case Study of Transfer and Acquisition Examples



Extension of Operating Period

The product was a long-life title that has been in operation for more than four years. The product had exceeded the maturity phase of the game lifecycle, and sales continuously declined. GREE turned its attention to the mismatch between sales and costs of the partner company and proposed a transfer of operations. As a result of the transfer operations, the decline in sales stopped and the operations period was successfully extended. GREE contributed to maximizing the partner company's income.



Reallocation of Resources

The product was facing issues concerning internal resources. It was necessary to maintain sales of the product while allocating personnel to other internal products. GREE calculated projected profits over a certain period and made a lump sum payment to acquire operational rights to the title. The transfer proceeded smoothly and the partner company was able to reallocate personnel to other products. GREE contributed to optimization of the partner company's resources.



Procurement of funds for reinvestment

The product enjoyed stable operations for five years. While a certain level of income was expected, the partner company had been investigating capital procurement for new projects. We proposed acquisition of their operating title as an asset. Acquisition under high market price conditions provided the partner company adequate funds for reinvestment.


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