What is the Secondary Market?

It is the business of purchasing and transferring social games from their developers and operators and continuing operation.
The market is expected to reach 100 billion yen in 2017 (according to Digital InFact).


We support all issues in the game business with a focus on human resources and assets.

  • You want to launch a new project but lack personnel
  • You want to appropriately allocate personnel to existing game businesses
  • You want a single payment of profit from the sale of an existing game business
  • You want to investigate shifting fixed costs to variable costs through outsourcing
  • You want to fully utilize existing game assets
  • You want to learn about more efficient operation of existing titles
  • You are considering sale or transfer of a game business


An introduction to GREE's proposed scheme. Feel free to consult with GREE, whether about Web apps or native apps.

Acquisition of Titles

We estimate future income from pending games that are in operation or in development and acquire them for cumulative net income for a certain period.

Benefits to Your Company
  • Move up future income and receive it in a single payment
  • Reallocation of existing personnel is possible

Transfer of Business

We customize operations taking into consideration high quality and the circumstances of each title to maximize game income.

Benefits to Your Company
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reallocation of existing personnel is possible

Business Support

As an experienced partner for platform operation, we use an advanced degree of understanding of business and mature partnerships to address the issues and circumstances of each company and provide consultation services.


Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.