GREE Proposes Solutions Making Use of Its Strengths



探検ドリランド / 釣りスタ / AVATAR / 海賊王国コロンブス / 踊り子クリノッペ / ハコニワ

We create a team made up of professional organizations

GREE has more than 10 years experience operating products that it developed including titles such as Tsuristar and Doriland*. We have used this experience to make a full-scale entry into the secondary market. In October 2015, we established Funplex, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary that operates acquired and transferred games, and it currently operates seven titles (as of the end of June 2016). Create teams centered on elite personnel with experience operating GREE products to operate acquired and transferred games.

*Tsuristar and Driland, released in 2007 and 2011, respectively, are among the most representative Japanese social games.


・Ability of GREE platforms to attract customers・Knowledge of multi-platform support・Familiarity with game KPI and life cycles

Operating Experience As a Platform

GREE also has experience operating platforms. In addition to operating acquired and transferred titles on GREE platforms, which have considerable ability to attract customers, we also conduct strategic development making use of our multi-platform knowledge. Based on our experience handling a diverse range of games, we are well acquainted with the lifecycle of each game genre and can conduct optimal operation.


Experience in alliances with partner companies

GREE has experienced numerous ups and downs launching new business in alliance with partner companies. Through these experiences, we have learned the importance of partnership and have gained deep knowledge regarding operation of game companies. Our business development teams, made up of members who all possess experience with GREE platforms in partner operations, directly address the management issues of partner companies with a deep understanding of business and a commitment to partnership. We will contribute to the development of the game industry by supporting the growth of more partner companies center on the high-quality operating services of the GREE Group.


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